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  • Founded 1927
  • Service locations 69
  • Employees 480+

Olíuverzlun Íslands was founded on 3 October 1927. 

The company has kept up with developments in the Icelandic economy ever since. The modern day Olíuverzlun Íslands is better known as Olís and its operations are divided into three main divisions: Retail and fuel, Wholesale and operating supplies and Finances, as well as support divisions that consist of Human Resources and Marketing. The company operates numerous service stations under the name of Olís together with self-service stations under the brand name ÓB – inexpensive fuel. Olís also operates Rekstrarland and Stórkaup stores. Furthermore Mjöll Frigg ehf. is 100% owned by Olís.

The object of Olís is to be a leading outlet and service company for the corporate and private market. The goal of the company is to offer its customers high quality and competitive goods at competitive prices together with a flexible sales and services system throughout Iceland.

Olís focuses on retail operations in the sale and services of fuel and a range of goods for vehicle owners, goods for outdoor recreation and travel as well as a large range of services for fisheries, contracting and transportation companies all over Iceland.

Olís outlets and agents are located in all the main built up areas in Iceland.

Olís operates 26 stations throughout the country, with 10 in Reykjavik Area and 18 located in the larger towns around Iceland. Olís operates 43 ÓB stations throughout the country, with 8 in Reykjavik Area and 35 located in the larger towns around Iceland.