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  • Founded 1989
  • Stores 31
  • Employees 870+
  • Product numbers 3000+

The first Bónus store was opened in 1989. Since then, the company has aimed to offer the lowest price available.

Bónus is a chain of low-price grocery stores that has, from its establishment, offered its customers the best possible price on groceries within Iceland. Bónus has shorter opening hours than many of its competitors and has a strategic product selection for a low price grocery store. The design of Bónus stores is focused on keeping operational costs at a minimum. Decoration in store is kept at a minimum, costs are constantly monitored, and there is a rapid turnover of products, as inventory is limited by what can be stored on the shelves. The product selection meets all of a household's basic needs, and Bónus also offers a limited selection of specialty products such as basic clothing and seasonal products.

It is important to Bónus to maintain the trust that the general public has shown towards the retail chain. One of the guiding principles has always been to let the customer enjoy the benefits when an advantageous procurement contract is signed. It is also an important fact that Bónus offers the same prices throughout all of its stores, nationwide.

Bónus operates 31 store throughout the country, with 18 in Reykjavik Area and 13 located in the larger towns around Iceland.