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Hagar is a leading retailer in the Icelandic market and operates 38 stores within 3 retail chains as well as 2 warehouses and two pharmacy stores. Furthermore Hagar operates through Olís 26 gasstations throughout the country, as well as 43 ÓB stations. Hagar's companies are all operated as individual businesses and therefore have diverse operating models and cultures. Hagar's core activities are in the grocery sector and the company owns two of the country's largest grocery retailers, Hagkaup and Bónus, as well as support service companies in the fields of purchasing and distribution. In addition, Hagar operates a specialty product division within Hagkaup, specialty stores offering well-known lifestyle and retail brands and two pharmacy stores.

The compliance officer of Hagar is Gudrun Eva Gunnarsdottir. The alternate compliance officer is Adalheidur Fritzdottir. The compliance officer's e-mail is regluvordur@hagar.is